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a+b consulting is a Social Work consulting firm that is focused on providing a culturally attuned collaborative approach to anyone looking to expand their cultural sensitivity, and to assist with the integration of this approach into their lives and/or service provision. Problem solving, communication skills, relationship building, cultural sensitivity education, cross cultural communication/collaboration,  acculturation and identity, as well as cross cultural conflict are some of the topics that a+b consulting is well equipped to work with.  

Some of the reasons you might contact a+b consulting may include:

- In service training at your place of business for staff and colleagues

- Conflict resolution in the workplace

- On-site staff supportive counseling and problem solving

- Supportive counseling for you, your family, or for you and a partner

- Case consultation, case collaboration

- Cross cultural understanding in the classroom

- Cross cultural understanding in the teacher's lounge

- Curriculum development

- Cultural sensitivity training

- Dos and Donts for working with Middle Eastern families

- Power point presentations for workshops and seminars on cultural sensitivity - material is proprietary


Institutions & Business Entities

- Customized and contract project based work